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Developing mental health and well-being

Published: 05/13/2021

Millions of Americans face the reality of living with a mental illness. Use these tips and resources to improve your mental health. 

Relieve back pain without drugs or surgery

Published: 04/26/2021

When you have back pain, you want relief – fast! 

COVID-19 Vaccines Now Available to Anyone 16 or older

Published: 04/14/2021

Here is the Where, When and Why to get your shot. 

Let AHA's 'Move More' Tips Boost your Mood

Published: 04/09/2021

Sitting for eight hours each day or at low levels of physical activity can negatively impact your health – both physically and mentally.

Seasonal allergy relief, naturally

Published: 03/29/2021

As spring-like weather arrives, so does the pollen count. And, it’s a perfect time for stocking up on tissues and allergy medications, as well as an opportunity to try some natural remedies as well.   

Simple Eating Tips to Stay Healthy

Published: 03/04/2021

Were you challenged keeping a 6’ social distance from your refrigerator this past year? You are not alone. To help, we developed a few very simple ways to develop good habits that will help you get back on track. 

COVID-19 Virus, Vaccines and Your Heart

Published: 02/22/2021

In wrapping up February’s Heart Health Month, WHA wanted to share important information related to COVID-19 virus and vaccines, and as it relates to your heart health. Anyone with risk factors for heart disease and stroke are at greater risk for getting the virus. The American Heart Association is encouraging those with a history of heart disease or stroke to get the vaccine because of the higher risk of developing complications due to the virus. 

Make The Most of Your Health Plan

Published: 01/20/2021

Staying Well – Using your Plan Helps!

Most think that a health plan simply gives you medical coverage for when you are sick or injured. But when you enroll in a WHA plan, you get preventive care, such as vaccines and screenings, immediate access to care, and money-saving resources that keep you well! 

For the latest on Coronavirus (COVID-19), click here: getting care, testing and vaccines