Western Health Advantage respects your privacy and protects your electronic, written and oral health information throughout our organization. All staff must complete training on the legal and ethical obligations to protect the privacy of member information. Additionally, we limit physical access to the WHA facility and password protect our electronic databases and limit staff access to only the health information they need to do their job.

If you are enrolled through your employer or employee organization, we may share certain information with them, but only when allowed by law. For example, we may provide non-identifiable summaries of claims and expenses for enrollees in your group health plan to the employer.

To learn how we protect, use and disclose personal health information about our members, please review our Notice of Privacy Practices [Notificación de Privacidad]. 

To request release of your confidential information to someone else, please use the Authorization for Use or Disclosure of Health Information [Autorizacion Para el Uso o Divulgacion de Informacion de Salud] form. Print the form, fill it in and fax, email or mail it to the WHA contact information listed in the form.

To obtain a copy or request inspection, or both, of your protected health information in one or more designated record sets maintained by WHA, as well as to request us to transmit a copy to a designated person or entity of your choice, please use the Access to PHI in Designated Record Set Request Form (Acceso a la PHI en el conjunto de registros designados – Formulario de petición).  Complete the form and fax, email or mail it to the WHA contact information listed in the form.

To request that WHA send your sensitive information to a specific address, or when disclosure of your medical information could endanger you by subjecting you to harassment or abuse, please use the Confidential Communications Request [Petición de Comunicaciones Confidenciales] form.  Complete the form and fax, email or mail it to the WHA contact information listed in the form.

To learn how we will use and disclose the information that visitors provide to us on our website or via email, please review our Internet Privacy Practices [Prácticas de Privacidad en Internet].

For questions, concerns, complaints or suggestions concerning WHA's Privacy Practices, please send an email to privacy@westernhealth.com or contact us by mail to:

Western Health Advantage
Attn: Privacy Officer
2349 Gateway Oaks Drive, Suite 100
Sacramento, CA 95833
Fax: 916.568.3182

To file a complaint about Western Health Advantage's privacy policies, procedures or actions, you may use the Privacy Complaint Form [Formulario de Quija de Privacidad]. Print the form, fill it in and fax or mail it to WHA at the address above.

Last review date: April 17, 2019

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