Let AHA's 'Move More' Tips Boost your Mood

Published: April 9, 2021

Sitting for eight hours each day or at low levels of physical activity can negatively impact your health – both physically and mentally.

With about 1 out of 4 U.S. adults sitting more than eight hours daily, we are risking our health and well-being. But, physical activity is one of the most powerful tools to relieve stress, boost mood and reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease, like heart disease and stroke.

So, now’s the time for The American Heart Associations’ Move More, an opportunity to take charge of your schedule and carve out more moments to move throughout the day. Stand, stretch, walk, dance…do whatever gets you moving!

Here are tips to get you moving:

  • Schedule set times throughout the day to move. Set a reminder on your calendar, phone or a journal – any method that you know you’ll check.
  • Take phone calls standing up. Or better yet, arrange for a standing desk so you don’t have to sit through long video calls.
  • Use commercial breaks to move (not just go to the kitchen). Use time between episodes of your favorite show to do a few jumping jacks.
  • Reduce work meetings by 5 minutes. Use the extra time to stand up and move, walk around the building or your neighborhood.
  • Just start small. Any movement is better than no movement. Start out with just 5 minutes of movement and build up from there or split up your movement throughout the day

Want to create your own Circuit workout at home? Check out AHA’s infographic here

WHA is pleased to support American Heart Association (AHA) in their efforts to get us to Move More! For more ways to add activity to your routine, visit heart.org/healthyforgood.

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