Why Choose Western Health Advantage?

Why Choose WHA? We check all of the boxes


When it comes to choosing a health plan, you will likely consider three things. 

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    Access to Care

    First, your network of doctors and hospitals. That's where you will access care when you need it. We have more than 3,200 doctors and specialists to choose from and 15 hospitals you know and trust.

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    Plans and Coverage

    Second, know your essential plan benefits. This is your preventive care plus a wide range of benefits included in WHA plans, such as hospitalization, mental health services, and prescription drug coverage.

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    Innovative Benefits

    And finally, value-added benefits you will appreciate. Our plans include services that address nutrition, physical fitness and more, to help you (and your family) reduce health risks and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

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    Watch "Get to Know Western Health Advantage" Video
    Hosted by WHA's own Alicia Lowe, this brief presentation outlines WHA's features and benefits important to anyone looking for health coverage in 2024. Plans may vary, so check your specific group’s plan documents for details.


    Built-in health and wellness support


    Here are just a few of the value-added benefits you get when choosing WHA. 

    Virta Health is a telehealth program that reverses type 2 diabetes by helping participants lower blood sugar and A1C, reduce or eliminate diabetes medications, and lose weight. We have hundreds of members in the program and already seeing great results. The coaching, services, and supplies, which is a value estimated at $3,000, are included at no added cost when you choose a WHA health plan. 

    Livongo® for Hypertension provides advanced tools to help manage high blood pressure, such as a connected blood pressure monitor sent directly to you, real-time advice on your readings, and one-on-one coaching and support. Those who have been diagnosed with hypertension (high blood pressure) may enroll in this program at no added cost with a WHA health plan. 

    Nutritional counseling is now offered by WHA, one of the first health plans in our area to offer support for weight management issues. Whether dealing with issues of obesity, eating disorders, or needed weight gain, you simply talk to your doctor to get a referral to a nutritionist for visits. You'll have the same costs that you would have for a primary care office visit. 

    Kaia Health for back, neck, and knee pain is an innovative digital physical therapy app and coaching program. This is ideal for those who can't always get to an in-person therapy or travel to appointments, which often get in the way of getting the care you need. Kaia's computer vision technology features real-time automated exercise feedback, function assessment, and gamified warm-ups for virtual therapy that is accessible anytime or anywhere. 

    MyWHA Wellness programs offer ways to keep fit, eat healthy and save money too. Starting with health club discounts, instructor-led classes like WHA's own CommunityFIT sessions, which are still virtual but hopefully, look for in-person classes coming soon. And finally, ChooseHealthy™, where you get discounts from 10 to 50% off health-related national brand products like Fitbit or SKECHERS, all designed to encourage and support you in your wellness journey.



    We’re here to provide exceptional service to our members, providers and partners. You can easily reach us in person or on the phone. We’re responsive and make decisions without delay.

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