Plan for the Unexpected with Teladoc

Published: July 7, 2021

Planning for the unexpected may sound like a contradiction in terms, but in this case, the planning is easy. Getting urgent care through your PCP is always the best option. But, as a backup option, WHA partnered with Teladoc to ensure our members have virtual access to urgent care 365 days a year, even weekends and holidays.

So, before you go on a family getaway or vacation, download the Teladoc app and create your account. Then, you’ll be ready if/when the unexpected comes along.

Using Teladoc lets you avoid the hassle of going to an urgent care facility (usually not open after 8 p.m.) by getting convenient access to medical care 24/7 through your mobile phone. While it’s always good to first check with your doctor’s office, if he/she is unavailable, WHA’s has options for your care through Teladoc.

Take these steps today:

  1. Download the Teladoc app. Got to to get the app (or click below).
  2. Create your account. It prompts you to complete a confidential medical history because before you speak with a Teladoc doctor, they’ll want to know about any past or current illnesses, as well as current medications and family history. Once you’ve completed your medical history, you’ll be ready to talk to a doctor anytime, anywhere via your mobile phone. By the way, Teladoc is HIPAA compliant and all information is confidential. With your consent, Teladoc will share details of your visit with your primary care doctor.
  3. Unsure if it's urgent? Let’s say your child comes down with a sore throat and sniffles while camping. You might be unsure if it’s allergies or something else. This is an example of a non-emergency medical situation where now you have access to talk to a doctor, get a diagnosis, and a prescription (if needed) - wherever you are and usually within 10 minutes.

Other non-emergency examples might include symptoms of a cold or flu, ear or sinus infection, pink eye, bronchitis, as well as bumps, cuts, muscle strains, or sprains.

Download the app so you’ll be prepared for the unexpected wherever your weekend takes you.

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