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Eat Healthy

The benefits of a nutritionally sound lifestyle are countless and include decreased risk for and treatment of infections and disease, improved emotional well-being, healthy weight management and lengthened longevity.

Healthy meals include food from all the major food groups. Eat meals with vegetables and fruits as well as whole grain pasta, brown rice and a variety of other foods.

Check out our latest YouTube playlist from MyWHA Wellness at Home for great ideas on healthy recipes. 

Don't Sugar Coat It: Diabetes Friendly Recipes

Eating well balanced meals is an important step in preventing and controlling diabetes. With these healthy recipes you will be on the right track to controlling sugar levels.


Fighting the Good Fight: Cancer Fighting Recipes

Foods strong in antioxidants can help curb the possibility of getting cancer. These recipes are an easy start in the fight against cancer.


I Heart This Recipe: Heart Healthy Recipes

Heart disease and stroke are major health problems today. By adding these recipes to your repertoire, you can have a healthy heart and lower the risks of heart attack and stroke.


Water Time is Anytime: Infused Water Recipes

Water is essential to your health.  Infused water add refreshing flavors making proper hydration fun and easy.

How Low Can You Go?: Low-Cholesterol Recipes

High Cholesterol can increase risks of stroke and heart disease. By lowering your cholesterol with these delicious recipes, hearts and arteries will be healthy and happy.


Let's Weigh In: Weight Management Recipes

Maintaining a healthy weight reduces your chances of many diseases. Try some of these Low-Fat and Low-Calorie recipes to keep your weight in check.


Clean It Out: High-Fiber Recipes

Fiber helps clean out your body and maintain healthy weight levels. Recipes like these will help you with your healthy diet.


Mediterranean Escape: Recipes to Prevent Diabetes and Reduce Inflammation

Savor the colors, aromas, and flavors of the Mediterranean where fresh produce, plant-based protein, fish, healthy fats, and whole grains make up a healthful diet.

Last review date: January 5, 2022