Kaia Digital Physical Therapy

The Kaia Program gives you:

  • On-demand pain relief care in the convenience of an app 
  • Workouts tailored to you with some as short as 15 minutes
  • Bite-sized lessons to help you recognize where pain is coming from
  • 1-on-1 health coaching with certified professionals
  • No added cost — as part of a WHA health plan (check to ensure eligibility)
  • Strengthening exercises plus relaxation techniques for pain management
Optum’s Kaia program provides virtual physical therapy for our members suffering from acute or chronic pain.

WHA and Optum have teamed up to help address ways our members can address pain - whether a stiff neck, aching shoulders, or more severe back issues, with virtual physical therapy available to eligible WHA plan members. 

Sometimes, access to in-person therapy or taking time to travel to appointments can often get in the way of getting the care you need. Now, we're bringing physical therapy direct through their mobile phone (or tablet).

Members with acute or chronic neck, shoulder, back, hip, wrist, or knee pain can benefit from timely personalized physical therapy that is accessible anytime or anywhere. Optum brings this Kaia program to WHA members via a smartphone app.  

Kaia Health offers care based on evidence-based MSK rehabilitation techniques to help proactively manage back pain, as well as other acute or chronic physical pain. This type of expertise integrated with technology shows real promise for members to get care conveniently.

This technology was designed by orthopedists and physical therapists. The app uses AI-driven therapy instruction and monitoring, to offer members access to personalized exercises and coaching through technology.  

Download the Kaia app on google play and the app store below or go to startkaia.com/westernhealth.

Learn more at Kaia Health program or call 888-866-4024.

If you have questions on this program or your eligibility, contact WHA Member Services.


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