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Resource for WHA Clinical Providers

WHA developed the Clinical Provider Handbook as a comprehensive resource for our clinical providers and their staff to have access to our policies, procedures, and standards in patient (member) care, as well as important contacts, tools, and processes for communications with WHA, and the ongoing delivery of health care services to our members.

WHA mails this resource annually to contracted clinical providers. You can also download the handbook or request copies from WHA’s Provider Relations at 844.870.2178 or  Look for annual updates in April.

WHA Clinical Provider Handbook

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Health Education Materials and Resources

Find information regarding language needs, health education materials, cultural competency trainings and more with our resource flyer

Regarding Post-Stabilization Care (Optum Behavioral Health)

Optum Behavioral Health’s designated telephone number is 1.800.999.9585, which is for noncontracting providers to obtain prompt authorization for the transfer of a stabilized enrollee's care to another provider or authorization to provide post-stabilization care. 

Optum Behavioral Health Coordination of Care flyer

To support our clinical providers in coordinating care with their mental health professionals, Optum provided this helpful flyer (also available on the Provider Downloads webpage). 

Commercial Members – BH Optum dedicated toll-free number: 800-765-6820

MyCare Medicare Advantage Members – BH Optum dedicated toll-free number: 855-857-9748

Please Submit Your Demographics Information Today!

Use the email to easily submit your race, ethnicity, and spoken languages for our clinical provider directory.  Simply include your name, NPI number if available, and your race, ethnicity, and language information. Thank you!

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New Provider Information

As a new practitioner, you will receive a New Provider Orientation Packet from WHA within 10 days of your effective date (based on the new direct provider contract date). The packet includes a welcome letter and the Clinical Provider Handbook. Other provider orientation materials will be distributed through your contracted medical group directly to the providers, as applicable.

Important Note: Your contracted medical group or IPA must notify WHA immediately when a new practitioner has been contracted as a WHA participating provider.

Last review date: June 11, 2024