Oxymetazoline (Rhofade)


Indications for Prior Authorization:

  • Treatment of persistent facial erythema associated with rosacea in adults

Patients must meet the following criteria for the indication(s) above:

  • Persistent facial erythema due to rosacea

  • 18 years of age or older
  • If the patient also has papulopustular lesions, the preferred agent is topical metronidazole
  • Patient has tried and failed Mirvaso
  • Warning/precautions in patients with CV disease, orthostatic hypotension, and/or uncontrolled hypertension/hypotension; risk of potentiation of vascular insufficiency; increased risk of angle closure glaucoma in patients with narrow-angle glaucoma


  • Apply a pea-sized amount once daily as a thin layer to the entire face (forehead, nose, cheeks, chin), avoiding the eyes and lips


  • 1 year

Last review date: May 1, 2017

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