Road Trip Tips

Published: May 24, 2023

Stay Safe & Well

Of course, parents always try to plan ahead but there are always last-minute details – and surprises – that arise when hitting the road for a long weekend with the family. Make sure you pack these important items for when someone in your family gets sick while on the road or for when things happen that are out of your control -- like the weather, natural disasters, or even...a flat tire

Put in Your Wallet & Mobile Phone Today – They are included in Your WHA Health Plan!

  • 24-hour Free Nurse Advice Phone Line: 888.656.3574 toll-free. When it’s after hours, and your child is in pain, or with an injury, or fever, they can help you decide what to do. They can help you with advice, and treatment, or help you find the nearest in-network provider or pharmacy.
  • Virtual Urgent Care with Teladoc: 800.835.2362 (download app at Wherever you are, know that you have convenient urgent care that’s just a phone call away. You can reach a doctor usually within 30 minutes to get a diagnosis and treatment for minor illnesses or injuries such as colds/flu symptoms, pink eye or sinus infection, skin rash, sprain, or strain. Note: Check your copayment summary for cost share.
  • Assist America: 800.872.1414 or 1.609.986.1234 (call collect outside of the U.S.) or text: 1.609.334.0807. Free to WHA members for emergency travel assistance. Download the app at before you go! This is your lifeline anytime you travel 100 miles or more away from home (and for less than 90 days), even in a foreign country. Get medical consultation and referrals, help with lost luggage or document assistance, and vital services in the event of an emergency while traveling.

Don't Forget to Pack These in Your Car

  • Portable battery charger. Not only can this device jumpstart a dead battery, but it can also recharge any of your mobile devices. 
  • Spare tire, car jack, and tire iron. Not everyone is comfortable changing a flat tire, but a passing motorist or a roadside service person will be able to help. But without these items, they probably can’t, and a flat tire may leave you stranded. In fact, some new cars may not have a spare tire.  
  • First aid kit. Buy a small first aid kit with almost everything you need: gauze, wrapping tape, bandages, antibiotic ointment, pain relievers, nonlatex gloves, scissors, tweezers, an instant cold compress, and hand sanitizer. 
  • Storage bag. A small duffel bag is a great spot to store a few more necessities in one easy-to-reach spot. Some must-haves to keep are duct tape, a blanket, a rechargeable flashlight, flares, a small tool kit, nylon rope, bungee cords, leather gloves, a notebook and pencils, and a plastic poncho.
  • Food and water. And, get your kids involved and let them bring a backpack with their own toys, books, and snacks.

Please remember: 
Always call 911 if you are having a medical emergency. 

Also, if you or a loved one is having a mental health crisis: please call/text 988 to talk to someone for help. The Suicide and Crisis Lifeline is available (24/7) where you can talk with a professional, or chat with a counselor online at

Please Travel Safely!