Emotional Wellness

Published: August 9, 2023

Tips to Build Your Resilience

Emotional wellness is the ability to successfully handle life’s stresses and adapt to change.

Your WHA health plan can help, and together with these great tips from the National Institutes of Health, you can build skills and strengthen your emotional well-being.

Build Resilience

People who are emotionally well, experts say, have fewer negative emotions and are able to bounce back from difficulties faster. This quality is called resilience. Learning healthy ways to cope and how to draw from resources in your community can help you build resilience.

  1. Develop healthy physical habits —
  2. Take time for yourself each day
  3. Look at problems from different angles
  4. Learn from your mistakes
  5. Practice gratitude
  6. Explore your beliefs about the meaning and purpose of life
  7. Tap into social connections and community

Reduce Stress

Everyone feels stressed from time to time. Stress can give you a rush of energy when it’s needed most. But if stress lasts a long time—a condition known as chronic stress—those “high alert” changes become harmful rather than helpful. Learning healthy ways to cope with stress can also boost your resilience.

  1. Get enough sleep and exercise regularly
  2. Build a social support network, or seek help from friends
  3. Set priorities
  4. Show compassion for yourself
  5. Try relaxation methods

Want to explore more ways to get mental health support? WHA members will find the Live and Work Well portal (with videos and helpful articles) and a directory of mental health professionals at mywha.org/bh.