Stress Management

Help for Managing Stress 


Feel Better at Your Own Pace Using the AbleTo App 

AbleTo is an app and program that lets you access tools, meditations, and more — when and how you want. It is designed to help you understand your emotional well-being and reduce stress and worry. It's a program available from Optum and included in your WHA plan, at no added cost (for Self-care or Coaching). AbleTo empowers individuals to engage in activities to improve their mental health from the convenience of their mobile device anytime, anywhere.  

There are three ways to progressively use AbleTo:  1) Self Care, 2) Coaching, and 3)Therapy.

1. Start with the Self-Care: which is your on-demand app: 24/7 access to evidence-based techniques, coping tools, meditations, mood trackers, assessments, and more. Participants can get content recommendations based on an optional weekly check-in.

Daily mood tracking

Answer daily questions to record your mood, habits, and sleep. You can identify patterns and assess your progress

Mental health tools

Created by clinicians, get help strengthening your resilience and learn relaxation methods when needed.

Techniques and Tips

Build long-term life skills with curated tools, techniques, and resources on topics that matter most to you. From work-life balance to sleep concerns and much more.

Personalized activities

Create your own, self-guided journey to better mental health. Track your progress, set goals, and make strides through weekly check-ins.

...Start Today - Download the App 

Sign in to your MyWHA account, 2) then go to Optum's Live and Work Well webpage to download the AbleTo Self Care app (members use code WHA) to get started today!  Or you can learn more from this flyer.

As you use AbleTo, you can progressively do more. Call Optum to learn more: 800.765.6820.

2. One-on-one Coaching: members with mild mental health needs meet weekly with a dedicated coach who will guide them through a CBT-based digital curriculum and reinforce their new skills. 3. Therapy: weekly meetings with a therapist help members turn new skills into life-long strengths. They’ll learn to manage negative emotions and stress, and recover from setbacks quicker.