Urgent and After-Hours Care

Urgent and Emergency Care

WHA covers you for Urgent Care and Emergency Care services wherever you are in the world. Please note that emergency room visits are not covered for non-emergency situations.

In-Person Urgent Care

To keep your care coordinated, it’s always best to try and reach your doctor first if you need urgent care. You have the option of Teladoc described above or can visit a network urgent care center. If you are in the WHA service area, be sure to go to a facility affiliated with your PCP’s medical group. You can use WHA's online Provider Directory to find an urgent care facility that is affiliated with your PCP's medical group.

Emergency Care

If you are outside WHA’s service area and hospitalized because of an emergency, WHA covers those services. However, you must notify WHA within twenty-four (24) hours or as soon as possible to avoid any billing issues. If you are unable to make the call, have someone else make it for you, such as a family member, friend or hospital staff member.

Follow-up care after an emergency room visit is not considered an “emergency” situation. If you receive emergency treatment from an emergency room physician or non-participating provider and then return for follow-up care, you are responsible for the cost of the service.

Getting access to care 24/7 

Call for doctor for immediate care

WHA has care options for when you need it most—in and out of the WHA service area. If an urgent care situation arises, call your PCP—any time of the day, including evenings and weekends. Your doctor or an on-call doctor may provide you with home care remedies, offer a virtual visit or, if necessary, direct you to seek care at the emergency room or your medical group’s contracted urgent care center. Your doctor's phone number is easily available when logged in to MyWHA or WHA's mobile app.

For mental health concerns, contact Optum Behavioral Health 800.765.6820 for help in coping with feelings of fear, sadness, anger and , hopelessness. Additionally, you can call NurseLine for nurse advice at 877.793.3655.

Virtual urgent care options

There are times when you can’t get to your doctor’s office or urgent care location. WHA members can get care virtually in non-emergency situations through Teladoc, the global leader in telemedicine. From anywhere at any time (even when you are traveling), you can reach a doctor 24/7 by secure video chat or phone—often within 10 to 15 minutes—to get a diagnosis and treatment. Teladoc lets you connect with an urgent care healthcare professional for minor injuries and illnesses such as cold or flu, minor cuts or burns, muscle strains or sprains, upset stomach or skin rashes. Get help using Teladoc's virtual access or call 1.800.Teladoc (800.835.2362).

Visit our virtual care page for details on all telehealth options.