Preventive Care

Published: March 29, 2023

Step Up to Get Your Checkup

Going to a regular preventive check-up with your doctor is vital to staying healthy. Some might say, “I’m healthy so I don’t need to see my doctor.” But, good health starts with getting medical care so you can prevent health problems before they start.

During your visit, doctors give potentially life-saving screenings that help detect conditions, such as high cholesterol, hypertension, and diabetes, which can significantly raise a person’s risk of having a heart attack or stroke.

Use These Checkup Tips

  • Discuss with your doctor which preventive screenings are right for you —based on age, gender, lifestyle, and family history – so, you understand what tests to get and how often. If you are seeing a new doctor, tell them when you had your last preventive exam.
  • Bring prescriptions, over-the-counter medications, and/or supplements (or write them down) so your doctor has updated information on what you are taking and can refill prescriptions as needed.
  • Write down questions ahead of time. Use your smartphone or take note of health concerns before your visit so you can recall and discuss anything with your doctor.
  • Update your family medical history.  If your immediate family members have a new chronic health condition – that might impact you or your family – share them with your doctor.  According to the CDC, having a family history of certain diseases increases your chance of getting it yourself so it’s good for your doctor to know and work with you to prevent them.
  • Preventive screenings and vaccines are included in your WHA health plan.*  Many common conditions may not have obvious symptoms, but when detected early, are the most preventable. That’s why your plan covers appropriate preventive screenings and exams, including age-appropriate vaccines (shots).
  • Visit WHA’s preventive care guidelines (see both children and adult) such as routine tests, shots, and screenings, which are mostly covered by your plan when you go to your PCP for an annual wellness visit. You’ll see what to expect by age group and gender, including shots needed for your children.

Did you know that you actually can get rewarded just for getting your preventive screenings?

Find out how by visiting WHA’s preventive health webpages and look for incentives for preventive screenings and immunizations that may qualify. Once you complete it, simply fill out the online form – and you’ll enter to win our gift card giveaway. Go to and look for incentives drop-down menu.

*Coverage for WHA services depends on eligibility at the time of the service.