Make The Most of Your Health Plan

Published: January 20, 2021

Staying Well – Using your Plan Helps!

Most think that a health plan simply gives you medical coverage for when you are sick or injured. But when you enroll in a WHA plan, you get preventive care, such as vaccines and screenings, immediate access to care, and money-saving resources that keep you well! 

Take full advantage of the benefits your plan provides. Let’s get you started:

  1. Stay connected with 24/7 access to your plan: establish your MyWHA account and download the MyWHA mobile app. It is your account profile with links to your doctor, pharmacy, telehealth and health/wellness benefits.
  2. Stay home with 24/7 virtual urgent care: for times when you can’t reach your doctor, we have your back. Here are two ways to get immediate access to care:
    • Teladoc. Setting up your account takes a few minutes, but when you need a diagnosis and prescription and can’t leave home, we got you covered. Check out Teladoc page for easy guide and details. If unsure which care – telehealth, urgent care or emergency – check out our Getting Care guide.
    • Nurse24™ advice line is staffed by registered nurses where members can speak directly with a nurse at 877.793.3655 or use online Chat by logging into your MyWHA account.
  3. Stay fit and healthy: WHA Wellness has resources, discounts and tips on eating well and staying motivated. Set 2021 Health Goals with this worksheet to set priorities. Look for more from WHA Wellness team in February when we launch a new Choose Healthy program.
  4. Stay informed: one of the best ways is to read our Blog and our Advantage Magazine. We’ll provide alerts, health and wellness tips, and resource links to programs that are at no cost to members. Look for health tips and hot topics, such as COVID-19.
For the latest on Coronavirus (COVID-19), click here: getting care, testing and vaccines