Healthy Eating Never Tasted So Good

Published: January 26, 2022

If you are like many of us, life seems to revolve around the kitchen. It’s where we cook and connect with friends and family. So, how do you make it a place where you consistently prepare meals for a healthy lifestyle? 

Enjoy WHA’s latest videos, recipes online, and learn about a new benefit for our group members that focuses on nutrition. 

MyWHA Wellness Videos. Start off with a heart-healthy recipe (as February is heart health month).  Enjoy our lively videos from our wellness manager, Alicia Lowe. Don’t miss these quick and easy ways to cook up a healthy side dish.

WHA’s Recipe Center. Looking for inspiration for a family meal? We have recipes (and photos) for delicious healthy recipes, whether you are looking for high fiber, heart-healthy, low cholesterol, or even weight management. Browse our MyWHA Recipe Center and try one out tonight!  And, for a good after-school snack, try these yummy Granola Bars.

Advantage Magazine. The Winter issue of our Advantage Magazine features an article on Nutrition & Healthy Aging. Read about a variety of diets and nutrition-rich foods that can help you live longer.  

Nutritional Counseling. For group plan members who meet specified medical criteria and demonstrate readiness to make nutrition and lifestyle changes, WHA now has nutrition and dietary counseling benefit. This benefit was designed with help from WHA’s doctors to meet an urgent need for our members struggling with weight-related illness whether it's obesity, eating disorder, or weight loss secondary to illness. Talk with your doctor about this WHA benefit, as members need prior authorization to get these services covered. This benefit is included only with small and large employer group 2022 health plans. Learn more on our Nutritional Counseling web page.