Testing for Retinopathy

Why it's so important to get your yearly eye test 

A yearly dilated retinal eye test is so important - it can detect early signs of a condition known as retinopathy, which is caused by diabetes. Having this test once a year can help your doctor know if you need treatment to prevent further damage.

Testing for Retinopathy

Talk to your WHA ophthalmologist or optometrist about...

  • Visual acuity testing measures the eye’s ability to focus and to see details at near and far distances. It can help detect vision loss and other problems.

  • Fluorescein angiograms may be ordered to check for and locate leaking blood vessels in the retina, especially if you have symptoms, such as blurred or distorted vision, that suggest damage to or swelling of the retina.

  • Fundus photography takes pictures of the back of the eye (fundus). It is used to monitor changes in the eye over time in those who have been treated for diabetic retinopathy and to evaluate the effectiveness of the treatment.