Virtual Visits

Options in Telehealth from WHA

Standard Care Virtually 

Medical and behavioral health care and services continue to be available in-person based on your WHA medical plan benefits. Many physicians, health professionals, clinics and facilities also offer telehealth options. WHA covers services through telehealth at the same cost sharing that would apply to those services provided in person. Refer to your copayment summary for cost-sharing amounts.

Call your doctor or visit your medical group's website or mobile app to learn about new ways to receive care and advice from your physician.

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Nurse Advice by Phone

WHA provides 24/7 access to a nurse advice line staffed with registered nurses. You can speak directly with a nurse at 888-656-3574. Get details at This is available every day and at any time of day/night. 

24/7 Urgent Care with Teladoc®

WHA members now have the option* of getting care 24/7 virtually in nonemergency situations through Teladoc, the global leader in telemedicine. From anywhere at any time, you can reach a doctor 24/7 by secure video chat or phone—often within 10 to 15 minutes—to get a diagnosis and treatment. Teladoc lets you connect with an urgent care healthcare professional for minor injuries and illnesses such as cold or flu, minor cuts or burns, muscle strains or sprains, upset stomach or skin rashes, without having to go to an urgent care facility.

Teladoc Urgent Care

*When receiving urgent care telehealth services through Teladoc, all services shall be provided consistent with existing appointment standards and access requirements. If your plan has out-of-area benefits, members can access services either via telehealth or on an in-person basis. Certain conditions apply. Review your plan documents available at for details on cost-sharing and balance billing protections.


For more on access to care, including urgent and emergencies, see our Access to Convenient Care brochure.