Digital Resources

MyWHA by Western Health Advantage

Access your Western Health Advantage info straight from your smartphone.

  • Access your digital WHA Member ID card(s)
  • One-touch call to your primary care physician (PCP)
  • Get directions to your PCP's office
  • Look up details about your plan, such as your office copayment
  • It’s a handy reference, too, for contacting:
    • WHA Member Services Department
    • WHA's 24-hour nurse advice line
    • Behavioral and mental health services

Assist America Mobile

Download the Assist America Mobile App for a one-touch connection to the Assist America operations center. Other special features include:

  • Access to your digital Assist America membership card
  • One-touch call to our 24/7 Emergency Operations Center
  • Information about student services for our Scholastic Emergency Services Members
  • Pre-trip information, such as country-specific visa requirements, immunization regulations, security advisories, and more
  • Travel Status Indicator (lets members know when they are eligible for Assist America services)
  • Global Embassy Locator
  • U.S. Pharmacy Locator
  • Information about all our member services
  • Travel alerts

Your Western Health Advantage ID is: 01-aa-wha-02083