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As part of your health plan, urgent care and emergency care services are covered wherever you are in the world. As a member of Western Health Advantage you benefit from the added comfort provided by Assist America. Anytime you travel 100 miles or more away from home, even in a foreign country, you are eligible for Assist America’s assistance services, such as medical consultation and referrals, care of a minor child, lost luggage or document assistance, and other vital services in the event you face an emergency while traveling.

24 hours a day, 7 days a week, Assist America’s experienced crisis management professionals work out of a state-of-the-art operations center with worldwide response capabilities to provide you with the following benefits and much more!

Medical consultation, evaluation and referral. The operations center is staffed 24/7 by emergency-dispatch medically certified, multilingual personnel who can evaluate, troubleshoot and make immediate recommendations for any emergency situation, including referrals to qualified doctors and hospitals.

Prescription assistance. If you forget or lose a prescription while traveling, Assist America helps replace the medicine.

Foreign hospital admission assistance. Assist America validates your WHA coverage and advances funds as needed to ensure prompt hospital admission.

Critical care monitoring and case management. Assist America’s medical team stays in regular communication with the attending physician and hospital to monitor appropriate levels of care.

Emergency medical evacuation. If you become ill or injured where appropriate care is not available, Assist America will use whatever transportation, equipment and personnel necessary to evacuate you safely to the nearest facility that meets their high standards.

Emergency message transmission. Assist America will transmit emergency messages reliably between you and your family, friends, employer or anyone else who needs to stay in the information loop, as permitted under medical privacy laws.

Care of minor children. If you become ill or injured when traveling with minor children, Assist America will arrange for your children to return home—with a qualified attendant if necessary—to a family member, or will arrange childcare locally. Assist America will also arrange care of children at home who are left unattended due to your unexpected absence.

Compassionate visit. Assist America will arrange and pay economy, round-trip transportation costs for a loved one to join you if you are alone and expected to be hospitalized for more than seven days.

Legal and interpreter referrals. Assist America can make recommendations for trustworthy legal counsel and interpreter services in any country and arrange bail bonds in jurisdictions where they are legal.

Lost luggage or document assistance. Assist America works with airlines to recover and deliver lost bags, serves as liaison with transportation companies to replace lost travel tickets and contacts necessary agencies to solve issues of lost passports and licenses.

Pre-trip information. Prior to traveling, you can review country profiles, visa requirements, immunization regulations, security advisories and more at or on the Assist America Mobile App.

Assist America Mobile app—available for Android and iPhone—provides members with a one-touch connection to the Assist America operations center. Other special features include: access to your digital Assist America membership card, view Assist Alerts, locate embassies and consulates of 23 countries, find a pharmacy near you (available in the U.S. only), and more.