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Western Health Advantage is committed to working with premier service providers to offer quality benefits to our members. Welcome to the health plan that actually makes people feel good.

Service Provider

Behavioral Health Services

Salud mental y conductual servicios

Magellan Behavioral Health: Human Affairs International

Phone: 800.424.1778

Provider Directory: Search mental health providers by using WHA's toll-free number: 800.424.1778.

Chiropractic and Acupuncture

Acupuntura y quiropráctica servicios

Landmark Healthplan of California

Phone: 800.298.4875

Provider Directory: Search providers and choose WHA Members for your plan selection.

Optum Disease Management and Nurse Advice

Manejo de enfermedades y consejos de enfermería de Optum

Disease Management

Nurse Advice

Phone: 877.793.3655

Global Emergency Services

Los servicios de Emergencia Globales

Assist America

Phone: 800.872.1414

Health and Wellness

Salud y Bienestar

MyWHA Wellness

Phone: 877.793.3655

Prescription Benefits

Beneficios de Prescripción

Prescription drugs are covered through OptumRx/CalPERS, not WHA.

Phone: 855.505.8106