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Learning your health status and risks allows you to take control of your health so you can live a longer, healthier life. Take the first step, sign in to Optum to access all the tools that are available right at your fingertips!

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Complete the online Wellness Assessment
The Wellness Assessment is a personalized, confidential tool that can help you identify areas where you may be able to improve your health, as well as recommend personalized programs to support your individual health goals.
Learn your score
When you take the Wellness Assessment, you will also receive a personal wellness score. If you are ready to start living a healthier lifestyle, the Wellness Assessment score will provide an important starting point to help you track your progress.
Set individual health goals
Get personalized action plans, track your progress, access helpful health content, and be part of a vibrant online community. With healthy recipes, videos, podcasts, and informative articles, you’ll find endless inspiration to help you reach your health improvement goals.
MyWHA wellness interactive tools

Message Center allows each participant to view personalized communications regarding their health through the health portal.

Program Dashboard provides participants with a clear view of their activity and progress towards the achievement of their goal(s).

Healthwise® Conversations are engaging, interactive online programs that help
individuals self-manage important health issues. Featuring user-friendly hosts, fun
graphics, and clinically-backed content, Conversations make it possible for participants
to interact with a virtual coach and receive answers tailored by their input.

Library and Decision Aids provide a robust number of articles and interactive guides that assist individuals in making informed health care decisions.

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