Time To Reboot Preventive Visits

Published: August 13, 2020

If you put off seeking preventive care for fear of contracting COVID-19, now there are strict measures in place in all medical facilities to protect you, such wearing face coverings (or masks), visitor policies, protective supplies, and even isolation of COVID-19 patients. If you are due for your annual preventive check-up, call to schedule a visit with your doctor today.

Most preventive care services are part of your health plan, at no additional cost to you. There are guidelines that list the services, including routine tests, immunizations and screenings, that are covered by your plan when you go to your PCP for an annual wellness visit. Those guidelines will help you see what’s best for every individual (by age group and gender) in your family. 

Most children will have preventive services and screenings, as well as immunizations. Adults will have preventive screenings and immunizations, such as a flu or booster shot, and women will likely have additional screenings, depending on their age.  

Your preventive benefits included with your health plan covers many tests, screenings and immunizations. But during an exam if your PCP finds an issue or problem that requires additional testing to diagnose a condition, these additional diagnostic tests are not covered by these preventive benefits, so they often require you to pay a greater share of the cost.

A full list of services and screenings are listed on the preventive health page online. If in doubt on what’s covered, print and bring these guidelines to discuss with your doctor at your next visit.

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