Health Conditions That Get Added Support

Published: March 2, 2023

Did you know that WHA offers a program to help manage a disease/condition that is at no added cost to members?

If you have a chronic condition such as asthma, coronary artery disease (CAD), or diabetes (type 1 or 2), you may be eligible for extra support and resources to help you manage your condition.

These programs are managed through our health solutions partner, Optum™, and allow you to connect one-on-one with a personal nurse who will work with you over the phone to help resolve healthcare gaps by providing the right resources at the right time. According to Optum,“90% of participants felt the program helped create a better, more positive healthcare experience.”

With this added personal health support, you may be able to reduce associated costs from avoidable complications of the disease by identifying and treating the condition more effectively, which may also slow the progression of the disease.

The programs work in conjunction with the treatment plan developed by your doctor in:

  • Providing information about the disease for a better understanding of the condition
  • Reinforcing the importance of taking prescribed medications as instructed by the doctor
  • Encouraging participants to complete tests and preventive service
  • Reminding participants about the importance of follow-up visits with their doctor and sending progress reports to your doctor that may include recommended treatments or services based on national standards
  • Discussing healthy nutrition and physical activity
  • Advising about community resources

If you think you are eligible for the program for these added services, which are at no added cost for eligible WHA plan members, go to