COVID-19 Virus, Vaccines and Your Heart

Published: February 22, 2021

In wrapping up February’s Heart Health Month, WHA wanted to share important information related to COVID-19 virus and vaccines, and as it relates to your heart health. Anyone with risk factors for heart disease and stroke are at greater risk for getting the virus. The American Heart Association is encouraging those with a history of heart disease or stroke to get the vaccine because of the higher risk of developing complications due to the virus. 

Here are helpful steps and links to get your started:

  1. California has received its first doses of vaccines, but supply and distribution varies by county. First, go to the state’s website to learn about vaccines, know your “tier,” and which phase is underway for vaccinations. Visit:
  2. Check with your county of residence health department, for vaccine availability and eligibility. Visit:
  3. Next, check with your medical group to see if they have vaccines available and how to get it. Some are making appointments; others may direct you to one of the above resources.  
  4. Pharmacies may have vaccine supply, and some are scheduling appointments or having you sign up for alerts.

Resources links to state and county, as well as medical groups and local pharmacies are available at WHA’s COVID-19 webpage, along with helpful information and a vaccine informational video. Please visit:

There’s so much misinformation out there. It is crucial to seek trusted sources of information, such as your doctor, who knows your medical history and can discuss any concerns or questions you may have.

For reliable information on how the COVID-19 virus and vaccines contribute to heart health, read this article from the American Heart Association. 

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