Preferred Drug List

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Pharmaceutical Management

View WHA's general policies and procedures on prescription medications such as specialty drugs, self-injectables, over the counter drugs and more.

Prescription Coverage

Three-tier Copay Plan
  • Preferred Generic medications listed on the Preferred Drug List are covered at the lowest tier copayment level
  • Preferred Brand Name medications listed on the Preferred Drug List are provided at the second tier copayment level
  • Non-Preferred drugs listed on the Preferred Drug List are covered at the third tier copayment level
  • For some prescription plans, specialty medication may be on a fourth-tier level (see copayment summary)

Prescription Costs

Not all medical plans have prescription coverage.

Copay plans:
  1. Use the prescription drug search tool to find the medication in WHA's preferred drug list. Identify the medication's tier.
  2. Refer to your copayment summary for the copayment that is associated with that tier.
Deductible plans:
  1. Refer to your copayment summary to determine if prescriptions are subject to a deductible on your plan.
  2. Use Express Scripts' pricing tool to price a prescription medication under the deductible. Once your deductible has been met, refer to the instructions for copay plans (above) to determine your share of costs.
Note: There are a small number of drugs, regardless of tier, that may require prior authorization to ensure appropriate use.

Preferred Drug List

Search our online preferred drug list (above) to identify the medication's tier or download a PDF version below.

Pharmacy Options

Retail Pharmacies

You can obtain most of your prescription medications at any participating retail pharmacy. Find a participating retail pharmacy by visiting Express Scripts online or by calling 800.903.8664.

Members can also gain direct access to Express Scripts by logging into their MyWHA account and choosing Connect to My Pharmacy from your My Resources toolbar. 

Mail Order

Save time and money by ordering a 90-day supply through Express Scripts' mail-order program. Your prescription can be refilled by phone or online and will be delivered straight to your home or office.

Specialty Network

Specialty medications can be obtained through WHA's exclusive specialty pharmacy network. This network includes Accredo (Express Scripts' specialty pharmacy), UC Davis, and Dignity Health on site pharmacies. WHA will allow up to two initial fills at local retail pharmacies to make sure you get started on your medications in a timely manner. All other fills will be limited to WHA’s specialty network. For convenience, some specialty medication refills can be ordered online at or by calling Accredo at 877.895.9697.

Online Services
  • Order refills and renew prescriptions easily
  • View up to 12 months of prescription history
  • Review pharmacy benefit plan highlights
  • Compare prescription coverage and pricing
  • Access health and wellness information 24/7
To contact Express Scripts Member Services

Express Scripts Member Services is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by calling toll-free at 800.903.8664

To access Express Scripts by TTY

TTY is available for hearing-impaired members by calling 800.759.1089

To order prescription labels printed in Braille

Braille labels are available for mail-order prescriptions. Call 800.903.8664

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