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  1. You’re not required to have an HSA simply because you’re on an HSA-compatible health plan. That said, without the HSA, itself, there’s no tax advantage. Talk to your tax advisor, but it may be a good idea to open and contribute funds to an HSA.

  2. HSA funds can be used to pay for a variety of health care services, including physician visits, dental and vision care services, Medicare premiums, long-term care insurance premiums and medical insurance premiums during times of unemployment. For a complete list of qualified medical expenses, please consult the IRS website.

  3. For a complete list of preventive care services covered without cost sharing, consult Appendix A of your Combined Evidence of Coverage and Disclosure Form (EOC/DF) booklet. Your Copayment Summary also lists other, non-preventive services that are not subject to the deductible.
    Please note that the visit will be considered preventive and will not require the payment of any deductible or copayment if and only if the visit is limited to preventive care services. If you schedule an annual physical but, at that visit, your doctor treats you for a cold, the service will incur costs. Similarly, if you schedule a preventive screening but an abnormality is found and treated in the process, that procedure may no longer be considered preventive.

  4. To be eligible to open or contribute to an HSA, you must

    1. Be covered only by an HSA-compatible, high-deductible health plan;

    2. Not be a dependent on another person’s tax return;

    3. Not have coverage under Medicare Parts A, B, C or D; and

    4. Not have access to a general purpose health care FSA or HRA through your employer or your spouse’s employer.

  5. Services covered under optional rider plans, such as infertility, do not contribute to your deductible or OOP maximum. On the claim with which you meet your deductible, if a balance remains, you will be assessed the appropriate copayment.

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