Wellness Visit

Get the Most Out of Your Teen’s Well Visit

Preparing for your child’s well care visit will help both you and your child get more out of your visits with your child’s doctor.

COME PREPARED: A helpful hint for your teen’s well visit is to bring a list of questions that you want answered

Gather important information 

If your child’s doctor is new to both of you, take any medical records you have to the appointment, including a record of shots your child has received. Make a list of any important changes in your child’s life since the last visit, such as a separation or divorce; a new school or a move to a new neighborhood; or a serious illness or death in the family.

Help your child get more involved in the visit 

Once your child starts puberty, the doctor will usually ask you to leave the room during your child’s physical exam. This is an important step in teaching your child to take control of his or her health care. It also lets your child develop a relationship with the doctor or nurse and ask questions in private. You can also allow your child to help by having him or her call to schedule an appointment, fill out their own medical forms and come prepared with questions for the doctor or nurse.

Know what to expect from the visit

During each well-child visit, the doctor will do a physical exam and may ask the following questions to determine if there are any health concerns in these areas:

  • Behavior: Does your child have trouble following directions at home or at school?

  • Health: Does your child often complain of headaches or other pain?

  • Safety: Does anyone in your home have a gun? If so, is it unloaded and locked in a place where your child can’t get it?

  • School: Does your child look forward to going to school?

  • Activities: What does your child like to do after school?

  • Eating habits: What does your child eat on a normal day?

  • Family: Have there been any changes in your family since your last visit?

Make a list of questions for the doctor

This visit is a great time to ask the doctor or nurse any questions about a medical condition your child has, like an allergy; changes in behavior or mood; or sudden lack of interest in favorite activities. Here are some important questions to ask:

  • How can I make sure my child is getting enough physical activity?

  • Is my child at a healthy weight?

  • Is my child up to date on shots?

  • How can I talk to my child about sex?

Need help with questions to ask? Visit healthfinder.

Last review date: April 5, 2021