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Available Incentives: Infant Immunizations • Dilated Retinal Exam • A1CVirta • Mammogram • Pap Test/Smear


Most preventive care services are part of your medical plan, at no additional cost to you.* By following these guidelines and working with your doctor, you are taking important steps to safeguard your health and your family's health.

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Your doctor will advise which vaccinations are right for you or your family. As an adult, your doctor will want to discuss flu and possibly other vaccines based on your personal health history.

Easy-to-Read Immunization Schedules

For more information, visit CDC's vaccines and immunizations website.

 Promoting Life-Saving Practices

We encourage our physicians to use these guidelines to help promote and educate their patients about potentially life-saving preventive services and screenings such as mammograms, colorectal cancer screenings and immunizations. Remember, your physician's advice on recommended services will be based on your personal health status.

WHA's Preventive Health Guidelines are developed based on the recommendations from sources considered reliable by American Physicians, such as the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force (USPSTF) American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP); American Heart Association; American Cancer Society; American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology; Center for Disease Control and Prevention; Agency for Health care Research and Quality; California Department of Public Health, Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention Branch.

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*Disclaimer: Coverage for WHA services depends on eligibility at the time of service.