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Take a trip with WHA for state-of-the-art tools that help you reach your personal goals along your health journey. Sign in to your MyWHA account to access tools that are both easy and fun to use.

Personal Health Assessment (PHA) and Scorecard

Take this short health and lifestyle survey, and get a scorecard that helps identify potential health risks and suggests daily nutrition, fitness, and lifestyle habits so you can see how to improve your health and well-being. It only takes about 15 minutes. Learn more: this flyer is a great overview of the Healthyroads program, new to WHA members in 2023.

Steps to get started: Head to the Healthyroads website (or Health & Wellness link to MyWHA Wellness from your MyWHA account page) and register to create an account. Now, you are ready to get started taking your personal health assessment by selecting the “Take PHA” button on the homepage, or through the My Health tab.

Join the Healthyroads Connected!® Program

Here’s how:
  • Choose from many popular wearable fitness devices and apps,* including Apple Watch®, Fitbit®, and Garmin®. Register the wearable device or app and grant permission for data to be transferred to Healthyroads for activity tracking. 
  • ASHConnect app can also track your workouts at one of 55,000+ fitness centers nationwide. 
  • Log in with your existing Healthyroads username and password. You’ll get Challenges, so you can take on your coworkers to see if your health changes for the better; Health Information through interesting articles, Online Classes, a Healthyroads Blog for tips, and recipes, and even sign up for daily email/text reminders on a variety of topics. 
  • Get details from this FAQ
  • Read the Healthy Roads Flyer

Complete Your Personal Health Assessment and enter to win a reward! As a reward for completing your assessment, enter to win our monthly $25 gift card giveaway by completing this form.