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“It makes being a parent to a newborn during a global pandemic significantly less stressful and I feel immensely supported.” — Maven Member

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Download the Maven app to get unlimited on-demand virtual support. Your Care Advocate is here to answer questions and help you get the most out of Maven. 

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Unlimited coaching and education appointments and messaging with Maven OB-GYNs, mental health specialists, prenatal nutritionists, lactation consultants, career coaches, and more. Members can book video appointments, as well as message them.

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Trustworthy content tailored to you on topics like prenatal health, postpartum depression, and returning to work confidently empowering virtual classes led by Maven practitioners.

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The Maven Maternity program provides comprehensive support through pregnancy, postpartum, and potential miscarriage. Video chat or message with any of Maven’s maternity coaches anytime, anywhere. Read more about this new no-cost program.*



“Maven takes care of my entire holistic body and mind, and I love that.” 
— New mom Maria on getting access to Maven 

*Note: Maven is available to small group and individual plan members. Check your specific 2024 plan documents to see if this program is offered, as certain employer group plans may offer this program as well. WHA services depend on your plan and eligibility at the time of service. Enrollment in Maven is confidential.

Frequently Asked Questions
  • How much does Maven cost? If you are eligible for Maven, you and your partner can use all services and resources at no additional cost. 

  • How do I qualify for Maven? If you are currently pregnant, up until 3 months postpartum, or have recently experienced a pregnancy loss within the last 12 months, you are eligible to sign up for Maven.

  • What types of specialists can I connect with through Maven? You can use Maven to book unlimited coaching and educational virtual appointments with providers across more than 30 specialties, including OB-GYNs, mental health specialists, lactation consultants, doulas, and more. 

  • What if I already have an in-person OB-GYN? You should continue to see your in-person provider. Maven provides additional support to your care as our providers include a range of specialists you might not have access to—from midwives and doulas to diabetes coaches. Your Maven Care Advocate can also help you find in-person, in-network providers if needed. 

  • How does Maven support partners? Partners can sign up with their own account and benefit from the same provider appointments, articles, videos, and virtual classes. Those enrolled in the Maven program also receive content that’s specific to the partner experience. 

  • Do Maven’s providers speak languages other than English? Providers on Maven support 35+ different languages, including Spanish, Mandarin, Hindi, French, German, Hebrew, and many others. In addition, Maven offers simultaneous translation similar to what you might experience in a hospital or clinic if you don’t speak the same language as the provider. Your Maven Care Advocate can help you navigate to the best providers to fit your needs. 

  • How do I and/or my partner sign up? Enrollment occurs digitally using a computer or mobile device. Start by activating your Maven membership.

Have a question we didn’t cover? For more information, email Maven’s Care Team at

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Last review date: October 11, 2023