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Diabetes Prevention


Real Appeal: Diabetes Prevention

Introducing WHA's Real Appeal: Diabetes Prevention program that can help you and covered family members take small, doable steps that lead to big results. You’ll make small changes over time—things you’ll want to do—and gradually shift to a healthier, happier lifestyle. Real Appeal is completely free to eligible members at risk for diabetes that meet program requirements. Those who don't qualify for Diabetes Prevention, may qualify for the Weight Loss Program.

Program Elements

  • Personalized Coaching: Up to a year of support from a Transformation Coach. In weekly group sessions for the first six months then monthly visits for the remaining six months, your coach guides you through the program and develops a simple, customized plan that fits your needs, preferences and goals.
  • Tracking Tools: 24/7 access to digital tools and dashboards that help you track your food, activity and weight.
  • Kickoff Success Kit: Weight management tools including scale, pedometer, exercise DVDs, and more.
  • Weekly Online Group Classes: Opportunity to support each other, share ideas and learn together.

Dashboards, Tackers and Resources

  • My Plan Tab: Identify your goals, personal information and nutrition planning.
  • Food Tab: Log meals with a drop-down menu.
  • Activity Tab: Keep track of daily exercise. You can also register your fitness device.
  • Water Tab: Log daily water consumption.
  • Measurements Tab: Track weight, body measurements, blood pressure and BMI.
  • Progress Tab: Tracking with weekly, monthly or year-to-date reports.
  • Nutrition and Fitness Tabs: Plan meals, track calories and stay in shape.
  • Inbox: Allows you to write and send secure and personal emails to and from your coach.

Visit Optum online or call them directly at 877.793.3655 to get started. If you don't qualify for the Diabetes Prevention Program, you may be eligible for the Weight Loss Program.