Truhearing for MA members

Published: March 14, 2022

If you’re feeling left out of conversations, it may be time for a hearing exam

You may not even know you’ve suffered hearing loss until your friends and family point out that they have to keep repeating themselves. Or, perhaps your spouse complains that the TV is too loud or you simply cannot hear conversations in a social situation, like a crowded restaurant or bar. 

Does that sound familiar? Then, WHA MyCare Medicare Advantage plan members have help from the TruHearing benefits included in your plan. Depending on the health plan you selected, you have coverage for screenings, comprehensive exams, and if/when needed, discounts from on hearing aids from Truhearing. WHA’s TruHearing benefit includes up to two hearing aids every 12 months (copays vary), your fitting, evaluation, and follow up visits.

Here are steps you can take:

  • If you think you may be experiencing some hearing loss, visit Truhearing’s webpage and take their online hearing test in the privacy of your home.  It’s easy to do in about five minutes and a good first step!
  • Next, call TruHearing at 1-855-634-5490 to talk with one of their hearing specialists and they can help you schedule a hearing appointment in your neighborhood. View this flyer for details on hearing aid services for MyCare members.  
  • At full retail, hearing aids can cost $2,000–3,000 per aid, but TruHearing helps you save 30-60% off the average retail price of a wide variety of the latest brand-name hearing aids. As part of the program, a TruHearing provider will consult with you to determine the best type and style of hearing aid to address your lifestyle and unique hearing needs.
  • Your new TruHearing program includes:
    • Initial hearing exam
    • 1 year of follow-up visits after purchase for fitting and adjustments
    • 60-day risk-free trial
    • 3-year manufacturer warranty for repairs and one-time loss and damage replacement
    • 80 batteries per hearing aid (included with non-rechargeable models)

Your hearing contributes to your overall quality of life, so use your health plan benefits to ensure you live your healthiest life.

Note: some of our employer group plan members may have hearing benefits as well, so check your plan documents to see what’s included or call WHA Member Services at 916.563.2250 or 888.563.2250 toll-free.