What Employers Say...

"...I'm very enthusiastic of being able to offer Western Health to my employees...they have a better quality of life and they're also able to attend their job - they enjoy that and they're just enjoying life in general."
John Carvalho
Carvalho Family Winery
"...my employees really enjoy it, they feel it's a great benefit. They're always coming up to me and telling me 'hey we're really enjoying the plan, it's really helped us out, they're educating us, they're teaching us about preventive care'..."
Bobby Coyote
Dos Coyotes Border Café
"We found that Western Health Advantage provided us with an ability to deliver a great product to our employees at a phenomenal price...From an HR point of view, I can tell you it was a wonderful transition into the Western Health Advantage plan."
Venetia Silva
HR Director,
Broadbase Jiffy Lube
"We're pleased with the benefits we're able to provide to our employees, we're very pleased not to have to increase the amount that they contribute towards those benefits. It's been a very smooth transition. It did good things for us."
Jan Larson
VP of Administration,
Solano First Federal Credit Union

What Members Say...

"My prescription was running out and because of a recent move there was an issue with receiving my mail order prescriptions. I called WHA's Member Services department for help and the representative was very kind and quick to address the issue. She helped me obtain the authorization necessary so I could receive my medication. I appreciated not having to go through a phone tree or make several calls. I appreciated the excellent customer service." - Tom L
"WHA was able to resolve a complicated billing issue between my provider and radiological services that arose with the birth of my daughter. I felt they were committed to addressing the issue to its conclusion and made my satisfaction their priority." - Nick L
"I have been very pleased with my coverage at Western Health Advantage. I have been a member since the plan began in 1996. Our needs have always been met, everything from inpatient, outpatient and emergency needs; without any hassle. I realize it is difficult for a health plan to balance the coverage needs of their members, so many people needing so many different kinds of care. I know it is not an easy feat, but with Western Health Advantage the system works because they make it work. Thank you. " - Cleve B

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